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  • Symbolism and interpretation of the Sun in astrology.

    Today we are going to talk about the sun. Its worship and symbolism throughout history, what it represents in nature and its function in astrology. Etymology The etymological study of the Sun through different languages informs us about its essence and its function, common through different cultures and traditions. In French the word SOLEIL comes from the Latin "SOL" which means unique, and from the root of Nordic origin "HEL" found in Helios or Hellios (the sun god ) "HEL" meaning sacred and holy. Phœbus is the Latin name of Apollo which means the shining. PHOS being light and BIOS life. Bios-logos, biology. These few data make it possible to create a path of understanding towards the esoteric symbolism of the sun, and inform us about its unique, sacred aspect, and its function. >giver of light and life. The Solar Cult Egyptian solar cult. Everywhere, among all peoples, in all centuries, we could find vestiges, still hear a distant echo of the first prayer of men to the dazzling star on whose rays life hangs." -Camille Flammarion We can trace solar worship as far back as we can in time to the first light and genesis of mankind. Present in all the religions of the world, the solar religion was spread all over the planet venerating the "giver of life" and his luminous breath through the signs of the zodiac. At the equator, where it was extremely hot, it was the Moon that was glorified as beneficent. Goddess of the night, she refreshed the dreamlike worlds with her nocturnal light, allowing the reception of the superior worlds. Buildings were erected in honor of the sun god, even the churches which were originally solar temples were built from east to west, respecting the daily cycle of the sun rising and setting, at the image of other solar temples like megaliths and druidic sacrificial stones. Among the religions of solar worship we can cite the Celtic religion, the cult of Dionysus, the cult of Mithras, this solar cult passed through Mexico, Egypt, Chaldea and the Nordic peoples. It is found under different names. His name is RÂ in Egypt, Surya in India, Sunna in old German, Helios in Greek, he is the Roman god SOL, who is also the Nordic sun god SOL. We are then forced to see a common light within the religions of the world. Helios resembles him in the name of "Elie Artist", a messianic character called to establish a golden age. Gold which is the metal of the sun, this precious metal symbol of immortality due to its essence and durability. Photo: Stonehenge-England. The Solar Christ From an astrotheological point of view, this solar religion is also at the center of the primitive Christian religion which is in itself a continuation of this original solar cult. LO-GOS (from Pythagoras) contains the Celtic root GAL, which means FORCE. The Logos, the Word, the Son of theology which represents the second principle of the trinity symbolizes the vital force, the intelligible light which is the source of life. It is Christ with the 12 apostles, representing the Sun crossing with its light the 12 signs of the zodiac during its annual cycle. In the Bible, John calls Christ “the light of life”. Christ is Sun. The Ultima Cena by Leonardo da Vinci. Christ-Sun at the center of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Civilization eras: Jesus, the incarnate Christ born of the Virgin Mary, and from a geocentric point of view born in the sign of Virgo, this sign of Virgo was once placed at the beginning of the ancient zodiac and marked its beginning. The Christian era also corresponds to the entry of the vernal point into the sign of Pisces, an era which is now coming to an end and whose total reign is 2160 years. The fish, a symbol of the Christian religion, is a symbol of charity, the symbol of martyrdom, and a symbol of abundance in the gospels. Representation of the double fish. Resurrection: The sun that rises, sets and is reborn each day symbolically represents birth, death and resurrection. This symbolism of the resurrection is a pillar of primordial initiation which is present in all cultures, initiatory orders, as well as within the Christian religion through the resurrection of Christ, who died at 33, 33 who is also the age of the Sun in astrology. Each planet has an age that corresponds to a part of human existence, starting with the Moon (the body) from 0 to 7 years old and ending with Saturn (old age and death) with the Sun in the center.< /p> The phoenix, symbol of the resurrection. The Sun Glyph The central point suggests the will to radiate, uniqueness, the ONE at the center of the absolute. Immortality (the point) living in the bosom of the eternal (the circle). The circle represents infinity, eternity and non-duality. The circle can be associated with the number zero, which represents what does not exist on the material plane, but which multiplies in a spectacular way the strength of the number to which it is attached. The 1 can become 1,000,000 thanks to the zero which represents nothing and everything at the same time by the power of the indefinable and which symbolizes the eternal which creates itself. The circle also represents eternity without beginning or end, but different from immortality which suggests a temporality. Immortality is time forever, the eternal is absolutely timeless. The symbol of the Sun also represents a moving wheel with its stationary center. The wheel of incarnations that follow one another, of karma that imposes itself and of destiny that flows. This center is a point of return, a force of attraction like the Sun of our solar system, towards which we are all inevitably heading in the universe and in ourselves. And finally, the heart. Let's imagine the solar system as a gigantic being with its heart in its center which heats the planets with its rays, organs of this system . And by way of resemblance it is the same design inside the human body. The heart is the sun at the center of the body which nourishes the organs through blood, the vehicle of vital energy, just as light is the vehicle of the sun's vital energy on earth. (photosynthesis, metabolization of sunlight into vitamin D) We now understand the symbolism of the Sun both by its place as the central nucleus of the religions of the world, center and force of attraction of the solar system, and by its luminous, creative and vital function in the biological level. Things to remember: The Sun represents vitality, the sacred and the unique. The etymology of words coming from different languages and referring to the sun or its luminous function, proves a link of parity and a common source. Sun worship is the foundation of the religions of the planet. Their doctrines are based on a symbolism linked to an astronomical and astrological reality. The sun is the heart of our solar system as it is the heart of human beings, their true identity. It represents immortality, which is forever and what we all return to. General meaning of the Sun in the astrological chart The sun signifies the will, this force which comes from the center and it is also vitality, as we have seen. It signifies our true identity, the Self. But also the father, the government, the king, the hierarchical superiors, the honors, all that is elevated, like the sun rising in the sky. It is luminous intelligence, success, achievement, glory, loyalty, frankness, visibility. It's highlighting! And that makes sense coming from a light fixture. Help with interpretation: To interpret the Sun in the houses, it is necessary to combine the nature of the sun and its function, to illuminate, to bring to light, to rise etc... And join all this with the attributes of the house in question. The sun at home House 1 The natural charisma, the radiant effect, the self-confidence. Of course the state of the sun according to the sign where it is and the aspects it receives will modify the purity of this radiation. A very afflicted sun can vitiate this effect of pure radiance and make the person arrogant for example. The sun in the 1st house will strengthen the chance of success and the physical constitution, all those things that are related to the 1st house. House 2 Financial luck, fortune from the father, the desire to acquire material goods. Improved self-esteem. House 3 The light in the communication, the luminous spirit in the writings, the intelligence is brilliant, success of a brother, protection in the entourage and important displacements. House 4 The father, late success, because the 4th house signifies the end of things. A happy end of life. Luck in real estate. Relationship with what is underground, Gold (metal of the Sun). Attention: In this article the Sun is interpreted generally in its natural beneficial nature without taking into account what the sun govern in the chart. Let's see an example of using masteries: The 12th house ruling sun placed in the 4th house can signify lies in the family, or loss in the family, or separation from one's place of origin. Why? Because the 12th house is separative, it represents exile and also what is hidden and dissimulated. But we will see the application of the masteries in a future article, for this present post we will stay on a general interpretation of the sun through its natural beneficial nature. Let's continue! House 5 A creation, an important work, an ideal love, success in education, teaching. It is also the father's material goods, because the 5th house is the second house from the 4th (in derived houses) therefore the father's wealth. House 5, house of independent work, perhaps a success in this sector. House 6 Represents work, success in the work itself, protection against disease (if the sun is in good condition), if it is in bad condition in the 6th house, it is on the contrary representative of a problem related to health can be heart or vitality. House 7 Luck in the union favours contracts, marriage. It can mean a partner with a higher social status. It also means declared enemies powerful, charismatic and solar. House 8 Protection against death or, on the contrary, lack of vitality (depending on the theme). May represent the death of the father, an important inheritance, luck in investments. And anything that has to do with other people's money. Also the financial well-being of the spouse, because the 8th house is the second of the 7th. All this to be interpreted according to the chart. House 9 Protection abroad or by a foreigner. The spiritual ideal, the religious spirit, philosophical mission. The will to rise towards God, the communication with God. Luck in higher education. The sun in 9 also gives the ability to trust in personal transcendence, and in the intimate experience of one's faith. The sun draws the thought to high philosophical matters and distant lands. House 10 Honor, career success, the person and his actions are in the light, visible to all. The strength and will to rise, the luminous spirit at the service of the career, the power of decision. House 11 Friends of a high social level, important friends, luck in worldly relations, help, protection of the community, favor projects. The father can become a friend, dreams and hopes are bright. House 11 is also the place of the guardian angel, of the good daimon. Here, the angel associated with the sun would be Raphael but in the discovery of the angel, the sign of the 11th house is of course to be taken into account. House 12 Powerful friends in the shadows, protection against chronic or mental illness, attraction to voluntary isolation, or attracted to all things occult, hidden things, metaphysics, confusion in relation to the husband to men. A sun in very bad condition in the 12th house will hardly protect against illnesses and it will manifest itself through its faults rather than its qualities. That's all for the sun in homes. Conclusion The esoteric research of astrological elements makes it possible to penetrate their deep meanings and to release information which was then hidden from the profane gaze. This enriches our understanding of the things and worlds around us. Once the meaning of the symbol has been revealed, it is good to meditate on it, to digest its depth, to dream it. So from the depths of the unconscious and will manifest in due time. We will shortly discuss the law of analogy, essential to interpretation, as well as other aspects of the symbolism of celestial art. Thank you for today and see you in the next article where we will certainly talk about the Moon. French version posted on Sunday, August 27, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. Day and hour of the Sun.

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